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Mission Statement

The Place for Children with Autism provides the highest quality autism therapy using applied behavior analysis that meets the specific needs of each child and their family.


The Place for Children with Autism specializes deliver best-in-class autism therapy in a preschool-like setting for children with autism ages 2-6. They offer full-day programs that target a variety of skills across many key areas of development, including – communication, socialization, independent living, and school readiness. Their goal to make significant and measurable improvements in the lives of the children, families, and communities that we serve. Since the organization's founding in 2017, The Place for Children with Autism has quickly grown to become a leading provider of applied behavior analysis (ABA) services in the state of Illinois. The goal of their ABA therapy for autism program is to prepare children for the transition into a traditional school setting by reducing specific challenging behaviors that interfere with learning or developing interpersonal relationships. The Place for Children with Autism empowers our families, creates a sense of belonging and fosters independence to enrich the lives of children with autism across all communities.

8609 West Bryn Mawr Ave Suite 204
United States
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