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Do more than zero percent. Find, learn, and donate to a non-profit of your choice with Greater Than Zero Percent (GTZP)!

The GTZP Belief

We believe that however big or small of a positive impact you have, every bit counts. As long as you are adding greater than zero percent, the momentum you build is already changing the world.

Our Tenets

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There are so many people doing amazing things and we want GTZP to be used as a platform of awareness.

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Once aware, we want you to get curious and learn. Use GTZP as a source of continued education of the world.

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Once educated, get engaged! Use your time, talent, or treasure to accelerate the impact of these organizations.

Recently Added Organizations

Support GTZP

Our goal is to shed light on the amazing work of these nonprofit organizations. For us to keep doing this, it does cost money! After finding organization(s) that you want to engage with, consider supporting us to help us keep sharing these amazing stories!

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