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The Evolved Network
I took pieces of their passions, incorporated them into mine, and built this holistic, therapeutic experience for youth to really make a difference.
Village Minds
It started off with just whoever needed help and I wanted us to be able to, as a village, come together and help.
Solidarity Studios
Especially music, particularly hip hop, were useful in forming and telling alternative narratives.
Lincoln Park Community Services
You will get more out of life by giving back.
Youth of Englewood
Why am I here? What is my purpose on earth before I leave?
Father Kelly
Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation
Ultimately if change is going to happen, it has to happen in the community. Communities know what they need.

Meet the Team

Joseph Smalzer
What does giving back mean to me...

"Using my gifts, skills, and privilege to make the world a better place."

Kory Smalzer
What does giving back mean to me...

"Spending quality time with the communities and organization you like to serve...getting your hands dirty and really getting to work with the organizations that are doing great things."

Bridget Bowers
What does giving back mean to me...

"Listening. I think that spending time learning and listening is really important. Greater Than Zero Percent is great at that because it is giving a voice to people who may not usually have their voice amplified."

Vince Danh
What does giving back mean to me...

"Genuineness. It said somewhere in the Bible 'don't let your left hand do what your right hand is doing' and I really believe in that. If your goal is to give and to give it genuinely, it doesn't matter if there's praise, it doesn't matter if there's recognition, it doesn't matter if your name is on it, if you're there to give, then give."

Alexa Anderson
What does giving back mean to me...

"Positively impacting the lives of others in all ways big or small. Respecting all living things on a daily basis and giving to those who need it most. Giving time, energy and not only monetarily. Treating others how you would like to be treated, this gets lost in translation too easily in today's world and it's so simple to practice."

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