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Mission Statement

To empower founders by offering resources to network, launch, and grow their ventures.


Founders are nimble. They learn and adapt quickly to their rapidly-changing environment. They work tirelessly to ensure the success of their venture, and they deserve an ecosystem that supports them as they breathe life into their ideas.

Startup Sioux Falls exists to empower founders and startups. We work to expand the depth and reach of our resources because we want entrepreneurship to feel accessible to anyone who aspires to launch something of their own. As we continue to chart our course forward, we will grow our community, increase our impact, and carve out our place as a major regional startup ecosystem—realizing a dream leaders in our community developed nearly two decades ago.

Much like the founders we support, our community is ever-evolving. As an organization, we believe it is crucial that we support and engage in the major changes taking place in our community—working collaboratively to move our city forward. In light of this, we have resolved to plant our organization in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls, believing that, by doing so, we can most successfully fulfill our mission for years to come. It is there that we will write our next chapter, and it is there that we will merge our efforts with those of countless others working towards a common goal of writing our city’s future.

2329 North Career Avenue Suite 1
Sioux Falls
South Dakota
United States
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