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Mission Statement

Solidarity Studios is giving people the tools and resources they need to tell their story and galvanize their communities around the issues that affect them most.


Solidarity Studios brings the youth and communities of Occupied Bethlehem, the Southside of Chicago, and Cape Town, South Africa together to inspire solidarity and help spark additional change through making music. This begins with one fully portable music studio that fits into a standard backpack and the Solidarity Studios team entering the community to educate the students. The team at Solidarity Studios is made up of professional musicians and activists who teach students an intensive curriculum of end-to-end music production and organizing history. Students of Solidarity Studios not only learn from the team, but they also learn from the other Studios, especially because their communities share similar backgrounds. When these communities connect through the Solidarity Studios network, they are able to trade more than musical tips--they are able to trade strategies and to help achieve justice.

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