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Salt and Light Coalition is mobilizing individuals and organizations to empower survivors of trafficking to live meaningful and purposeful lives.


In Chicago, 25,000 women are trafficked annually, equaling 2 women every hour, every day. These women never have a chance to finish their schooling, nor have the chance to develop a work history. When rescued, these survivors struggle to find legitimate jobs, leading them to be re-victimized. Salt and Light Coalition is a 501(c)(3) grassroots movement mobilizing individuals and organizations to empower survivors, of whom they refer to as "Thrivers", to heal and thrive through workforce development.

Their Workforce Development Program has three phases: Heal, Empower, and Thrive. The Heal phase is a 6 month curriculum that dives into the survivors’ relationship to the bio, psycho, social, and spiritual self, as well as her relationship to different levels of the multi-faceted world around her. The Empower phase is focused on equipping Thrivers to be successful in the workplace. They create a growth mindset and develop effective communication skills through yoga teacher training, which also provides these women with a source of income. The Thrive phase begins when the Thrivers have achieved assessment benchmarks. These women are then placed in internships with one of Salt and Light Coalition's partners. Upon graduation, 90% of Thrivers are employed, 23% report a drop in their anxiety, and 20% report a drop in their depression. Salt and Light Coalition's connection with these women does not stop there.

Salt and Light Coalition reignites the fire of transformation for Thrivers through their Reignite Retreat. During the retreat, Thrivers are able to reconnect and build upon the personal growth they have made through a series of workshops. Each Thriver will leave the retreat with a detailed life plan and actionable goals as well as scheduled check-in meetings to help them reach their goals. Salt and Light Coalition said, "We are proud of all of our Thrivers and want to see our investment on women transform their families and their communities to create a better Chicago."

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