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Mission Statement

Redwood exists so that all students with literacy struggles can access their dreams. By cultivating hope and restoring confidence, we help students dramatically improve their literacy skills regardless of socio-economic background or learning differences.


Redwood Literacy is committed to giving students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia the highest quality intervention with a price point that is accessible for diverse income levels. They recognize the value and dignity of each person and operate under the belief that all students with literacy struggles should have access to the reading intervention they need. They deliver results through exceptional individualized instruction, overcoming obstacles to meet each learner's needs. They grow their services by prioritizing sustainability for themselves, their employees, and their clients. In all areas of operations, they value diversity, equity, and inclusion across age, race, gender, socioeconomic background, ability and life experiences.

They offer four different programs: Redwood Day, Redwood Grow, Redwood Reach, and Redwood Online. Redwood Day is a day school for K-8 students to work directly with highly-qualified teachers in a school setting. Redwood Grow offers specified programs for students ranging from kindergarten to age 60 to build upon their skills and reach their full potential. Redwood Reach combats Chicago's literary crisis through empowering teachers in Chicago public schools with the skills and training necessary to meet the learning needs of Chicago's youth. Redwood Online is a fully digital program hosted on Zoom for students to receive individualized, high quality instruction in structured literacy remediation, multi-sensory math, and written expression with core background knowledge content.

7007 North Glenwood Avenue
United States
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