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My Father's Business' mission is to engage youth and guide them into becoming better versions of themselves.


My Father’s Business (MFB) is an organization that is sparking change through community. It's more than youth outreach, it's an open door to a safe space for youth to grow and learn about their spirituality. The organization started in 2014 after Matt Thornton, Founder of MFB, found Christ and decided to share what he knows with troubled teens. Matt Thornton was facing depression, the most likely cause being his experiences as a police officer. In his darkest moment, he called out to God and God answered. Thorton was then motivated to invest in his spirituality. He found a mentor in a pastor at his church, and that pastor encouraged him to create a youth program. What started as Matt Thornton playing basketball with his son and five of his son's friends in a gym, turned into a packed gym with about thirty kids. MFB now operates between two gyms and serves about a hundred kids. The organization is more than a group that meets once a week, they are a family that continues to grow. My Father’s Business said, "we have watched our kids graduate high school and go onto higher education. We have seen our kids move on to branches of the military or go into a trade, but most importantly we have watched our kids work towards being the best, and well-defined version of themselves."

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