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Mission Statement

IMPower Center promotes financial literacy of youth and adults, covering topics like credit real estate, investing to help close the racial equity gap through education.


The IMPower Center is closing the racial equity gap through giving people strong financial literacy skills and helping them put those skills into action. They believe knowledge is not power until the knowledge is actually applied. The IMPower Center empowers people by creating opportunities for financial knowledge to be applied. They believe this application can lead to sustainable success for the individual and overall progress for society as whole in closing the racial equity gap. The organization's founder, Kay Farlow, created the IMPower Center as a result of her own financial struggles throughout her life. She experienced poverty in her childhood, and felt unequipped to deal with finances as she grew up and was moving through adulthood. She is applying the knowledge that she is sharing through the IMPower Center. She is living proof that their mission works. Kay Farlow said, "There is so much greater beyond the systems that have been set up, and so just helping people get free from a mental standpoint...Let's move on to actually getting free, and that involves our money, that involves us having money, and having time to be able to do the things that we really want to do versus being slaves and subjected to our environments."

22500 U.S. 20 Business
South Bend
United States
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