Youth Development

Mission Statement

To empower the youth and equip them with the skills necessary to become better versions of themselves.


Gentlemen And Scholars Is 501c3 Non Profit Mentorship Organization Founded In 2014. Our Goals And Objectives Includes, To Educate The Youth About The Life Skills, Philosophies, And Disciplines Necessary For Sustained Success. To Promote Programs That Encourage Youth To Avoid Risky Behaviors. To Hold Academic Competitions ( Spelling Bees, Public Speaking Debates, Etc) That Will Challenge And Motivate Our Youth To Become Fully Engaged In Their Education. To Implement Strategies That Encourage Youth To Find Their Voice And Use Words Effectively. Our Purpose Is To Provide An Alternative To The Mainstream Stereotypical Path For Young Men And Women, Also To Challenge The Negative Connotation And Mindset Of Today’s Youth.

1151 East Bowman Street
South Bend
United States
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