Mental Health & Addiction
Human Services

Mission Statement

To get people with addiction and their loved ones well.


Face It TOGETHER is a disruptive social enterprise committed to solving our nation’s – and every community’s – greatest health challenge: the chronic disease of drug and alcohol addiction. About 20 million Americans suffer from addiction. Almost 90% of them are missed every year by today’s system. The human and financial consequences are enormous, affecting every sector of society. Moreover, drug and alcohol addiction is at the root of a wide range of challenging social problems and is inextricably linked to our quality of life, the strength of our economy and the safety of our communities.

We believe communities can solve addiction, but not with conventional approaches. Communities can solve addiction with extraordinary leadership and commitment, along with powerful and innovative new tools. Solving addiction in any community is about dramatically more people seeking help, getting well and staying well. It’s about increasing the quantity of people seeking help and increasing the quality of addiction care.

5020 South Tennis Lane, #4
Sioux Falls
South Dakota
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