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Equity & Empowerment for Evanston Families’ mission is to serve families of color in Evanston that have been marginalized by structural racism by providing access to parental resources while empowering their children through mentorship programs, academic supports, discovery opportunities and real world experiences.


Equity & Empowerment for Evanston Families (EEEF) is a 501(c)(3) Not For Profit.  EEEF recognizes the value of Evanston families that have been unfairly marginalized by structural racism. Rather than fix or save them, we choose to serve them so that they may reach their fullest potential despite the systemic racism and implicit bias they encounter on a daily basis.

Evanston has seen an inexcusable rise in homicides that have taken far too many lives of young Black men in recent years so the initial focus of EEEF is on serving Black males. Camp Kuumba is the launching point for a series of free programs that will provide year-round support and mentorship. From after school programs that emphasize academics to weekend immersion programs that introduce middle schoolers to opportunities they will have at ETHS to reading programs for toddlers, these programs will open doors that have far too often been reserved for predominantly white families in Evanston. As Equity & Empowerment for Evanston Families develops, additional programs will be created to better serve Black females and LatinX families in Evanston.

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