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Chicago Scholars uniquely selects, trains, and mentors academically ambitious students from under-resourced communities to complete college and become the next generation of leaders who will transform their neighborhoods and our city.


Chicago Scholars is working to create a vibrant Chicago powered by diverse leaders from every neighborhood. Through college counseling, mentoring, and by providing a supportive community to Scholars through each phase of their program, they ensure that their Scholars reach their full potential as students and leaders. They have a Seven-Year Model to help their Scholars find success. This Model involves three phases: College Access, College Success, and College to Careers. College Access launches Scholars into their college careers by helping with the college application and decision process. College Success lifts Scholars into a place of high achievement and personal growth throughout their time in college both on and off campus. College to Careers leads Scholars through the transition from college to their careers using leadership development training.

Chicago Scholars strives to prepare Scholars for the world and the world for Scholars. In order to prepare the world for Scholars, they prioritize READI in everything they do. READI stands for Racial Justice, Equity, Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion. Chicago Scholars said, "This holistic approach is necessary for the sustained, long-term, positive impact that we seek for our Scholars, our neighborhoods, our city, and our world."

247 South State Street Suite 700
United States
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