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Village Minds brings fresh food to those who are unable with a focus on the elderly.

Village Minds brings fresh food to those who are unable with a focus on the elderly.

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In Season 2, Episode 6 we hear how Natia Simone - Founder of Village Minds, created the organization to do food runs for seniors in her neighborhood near Stony Island, that were impacted by looting in early 2020. When many stores were emptied, she mentions how many mothers and the elderly didn’t have many local options to buy basic necessities and Natia decided “someone should do something…and figure out how to help them!”

Being a “Chicago Girl” born and raised on Chicago’s southside, Natia grew up with a large supportive family. She mentions how much of an impact it was to have “Aunties, Uncles, and Grandpas in the neighborhood, all contributing to your well being.” In June of 2020 Natia started a Facebook Live asking for someone to step up and help the community, and quickly realized that she would need to be that person! “Someone in the Facebook comments section mentioned -  “You do it!” What started off as a few posts asking for donations, turned into the beginnings of Village Minds, and the organization feeding 462 people.

Since then, Natia has been primarily focused on supporting low income seniors, realizing there was already a need for help even before the lootings and corona virus. One of the seniors they helped support mentions “we have gone so long without quality food, we forgot what good food tasted like.”

For volunteer or donation opportunities, or want to refer someone who needs help, check Village Minds Facebook page!

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